Why timber production companies prefer to use Victar professional electric saw [video]

Victar enjoys visiting the production facilities of its loyal customers. And in September 2016, Victar visited a timber processing company “Meridian” situated in the Sverdlovsk region.

Meridian handles complex processing of timber with a full production cycle at two production facilities in the cities of Verkhnyaya Tura and Kachkanar.

The company leases an area of forest for 49 years for logging 120 thousand cubic meters of wood per year in Kushvinsky and Nizhneturinsk. Meridian possesses two sawmills, a coal field equipped with production lines to pack charcoal in paper bags of 3 and 5 kg and big bags of 100 kg, 2 transportation areas to serve the production, a logging site and 2 warehouses for primary processing of timber and its shipment.

Production facilities allow to produce finished timber products per year:

  • timber – 25 000 m³
  • birch pulpwood- 10 000 m³
  • coniferous pulpwood – 8 000 m³
  • raw plywood (veneer logs) – 28 000 m³
  • firewood – 20 000 m³
  • charcoal birch – 1.8 tons.

Meridian employs 450 people for its timber production.


We are in the town of Verhnaya Tura of Sverdlovsk region visiting the company  “Meridian”. A cutting brigade  handles bucking manually. According to the director of the company, manual harvesting gives better quality wood. We are at a slasher setup. The cable is hanging on the hawser.

Alexey Tarasov: I see a handle on the saw. Did you attach it yourself? Is it more comfortable this way?

Employee: We always had this handle on the saw.

Alexey Tarasov: Why you do not use gas-powered chainsaws?

Employee: It consumes a lot of gas. It’s a problem to refuel it constantly. Ha-ha-ha.

Alexey Tarasov: I understand. And if you compare the power of the saw with a Stihl chainsaw, for example? Did you choose Victar saw only because of the gas or because it takes a powerful saw for your production facilities?

Employee: This saw is much more powerful.

Alexey Tarasov: Good. I see you cut from the bottom to the top and not from the top to the bottom?

Employee: We cut both ways.

Alexey Tarasov: No difference and even more maneuverable. You are now more flexible with a cable hanging on the hawser. How long have you been sawing?

Employee: More than 10 years.

Alexey Tarasov: And only with Victar professional electric saw?

Employee: Yeah!

Alexey Tarasov: Have you ever tried to saw with a gas-powered chainsaw?

Employee: There is no sense to try it.

Alexey Tarasov: Because of the need to refill it with gas?

Employee: There are other reasons as well.

Alexey Tarasov: You perfectly harvest so much wood with just one Victar saw.

15 power tools for wood working

In the past few decades, the development of power tools has changed the face of wood working. Not only do these tools remove the drudgery from such arduous tasks as drilling and planning, but the technology offers new ways in which wood can be fashioned while releasing the work of the woodworker or operator – with Victar professional saw, for instance. The development of aluminum casting, plastic molding and silicon chip technology has brought the power tool a long way from the simple portable drill or drill attachment. Improvements in the electric motor and advances in cutting technology – tungsten-carbide tipped (TCT) blades, for example, – have also been significant. Most recently, cordless tools have provided the operator with a new range of convenient and compact tools.


Vertical drill standA vertical drill stand will accommodate a portable drill with a 1 3/4 -inch collar and permit more accurate drilling.









Portable electrci drillThe portable electric drill is the original power tool. With a keyed or fast-action chuck, a cord-powered drill should operate on 550 watts with a 1/2 -inch chuck.









Drill bitsTwist drill-bits, which range from 1/64 to 1/2 inch and which can have center points, are used for general work.








Flat bitsFlat-bits (spade bits) make it possible to cut larger holes but using a narrow 1/4 -inch shank. They are available from 1/4 – 1 1/2 inches.









Cordless electric drillAvailable in voltage from 3.6 to 24, the cordless drill with keyless chuck can never be as powerful as its cord-operated counterpart, but it is safer and more convenient.









Electric plunge routerOne of the most versatile of the power tools, the plunge router is basically an electric motor with a sharp rotating cutter at the end. Various gigged attachments allow it to cut grooves and joints and to shape wood. They are available from 400 to 2000 watts.








Router bitsRouter bits are either high speed steel (HSS) or the longer-lasting tungsten carbide tipped (TCT). Shank diameters are 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2 inch.








JigsawThe jigsaw is a versatile hand-held tool for making straight, curved, or angled cuts. The blade moves up and down, and the cut is more efficient when the action is “orbital”. Different blades are available for use with different materials.







OilstoneThe combination oilstone has coarse/medium or medium/fine grit surface. It is lubricated with oil and used to sharpen chisels and plane blades. The diamond stone has a grid of durable diamond particles set in plastic.








Victar professional electric chainsawProfessional electric saw is used for timber bucking and log cross-cutting; in plywood mills for log preshredding; for wood part production including wood casting in closed premises with an increased risk of fire and explosion; for wood cutting in industrial-scale volumes.








Portable circular sawThe portable circular saw is used to cur solid wood or manufactured board material. A straight fence can be attached for parallel cuts. The blade can be set to different depths for grooving, and the sole plate titled for angled cuts along and across the grain. Blades are 5-9 inches in diameter.








Random orbit sanderThe random orbit sander has a self-gripping backed abrasive disk, which moves eccentrically while it rotates to create a random abrading effect. It is used for flat and curved work.









Belt sanderA belt sander uses a 3 or 4 inch continuous belt for heavy-duty abrading.








Orbital sanderThe orbital sander uses 1/2 or 1/3   size abrasive sheets, which are clamped to a padded baseplate. The action is elliptical, and the tool should be used under its own weight.







Biscuit jointerThe biscuit jointer offers a versatile method of connecting solid board or sheet wood. The blade of a small circular saw is plunged to form elliptical recesses into which compressed wood “biscuits” are glued.