Frequency converter

The Victar professional electric chainsaw uses 400 Hz current so it requires the current conversion from 50 Hz to 400 Hz. We produce the portable specialized frequency converter (PSFC – 400) to supply an appropriate power source to the Victar chainsaw. The PSFC – 400 is a portable device specially designed for the perfect operation of the Victar electric chainsaw. It takes in consideration all the nuances of the chainsaw operation: possible overloads while sawing (25 A peak current), operation under extreme temperature conditions (-35 … + 40 0С), automatic shutdown protection in case of any improper connection of the saw or any extreme overloads.

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Technical characteristics of the PSFC – 400:

  • Weight – 6 kg,
  • Transportable;
  • Number of Victar chainsaws connected simultaneously – 1 chainsaw (1 motor);
  • Power consumption – average 3 kW/h, operates only if the electric saws are switched on. In other words there is no power consumption during downtime;
  • Total power consumption per day for three-shift operation (24 h) of 1 Victar electric chainsaw – 72 kW.

User manual of the Victar portable specialized frequency converter (PSFC – 400)