High-speed electric motors

The Victar electric motors are highly powerful, high-speed, compact and up-to-date motors allowing to accomplish different tasks in various industrial sectors.

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Advantages of the Victar electric motors:

  • Increased capacity (3kW) at the weight of 5 kg;
  • It is 2-3 times lighter than international competitors;
  • In 1.5-2 times cheaper than international competitors;
  • It can be used in dusty premises. Fire hazard eliminated;
  • It can be used in word working machinery for super smooth cut surface;
  • Can be used to precisely grind any powder for pharmaceutical products, production of paints and varnishes;


Uses of the Victar electric motors:

  • In cooling systems;
  • With electric saws;
  • As drivers in multi-spindle copy milling-machines with a processing speed 4 times higher allowing to achieve a super smooth surface;
  • In timber, fuel, wood processing industry, cast production (electric chainsaws);
  • In construction (grinding and vibrating tools);
  • As drivers for wood-processing machines;
  • In stone processing machines;
  • In pharmacy, in production of paints and varnishes;
  • In boilers of a new generation;
  • And for other purposes (fans, drivers of various mechanisms, industrial vacuum cleaners).

Please note that our motors are used with Victar portable specialized frequency converter (PSFC – 400).

The three versions of the Victar electric motors:

  • Victar EM-6 – gear motor, gearbox shaft speed 6,000 rpm;
  • Victar EM-12 – flange motor, rotor shaft speed 12,000 rpm;
  • Motor-spindle of wood-processing machines, 12,000 rpm.

The converter allows for the possibility to adjust the shaft speed and the motor capacity.


Specifications of the Victar high-speed electric motors:


Electric Motor Type 3-Phase, induction with a short-circuit rotor
Nominal capacity, kW 3.0
Nominal current frequency, Hz 400
Nominal current, A 13.5
Rotor speed, rpm 12 000
Supply source Portable specialized frequency converter PSFC – 400 or other supply source of current frequency 400 Hz and voltage 380 V.
Dimensions, mm 170 х 180 х 260
Weight, kg 5

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