Victar’s impressive highlights of the year 2016

Victar is proud to announce the results achieved during the year 2016. We now produce Victar professional electric saws 50, 75, 90 and 110 cm. Our loyal customers participated in  drive-tests confirmed the legendary power and efficiency of the saws. Please see the info doodle below and get to know other achievements.

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Why timber production companies prefer to use Victar professional electric saw [video]

Victar enjoys visiting the production facilities of its loyal customers. And in September 2016, Victar visited a timber processing company “Meridian” situated in the Sverdlovsk region.

Meridian handles complex processing of timber with a full production cycle at two production facilities in the cities of Verkhnyaya Tura and Kachkanar.

The company leases an area of forest for 49 years for logging 120 thousand cubic meters of wood per year in Kushvinsky and Nizhneturinsk. Meridian possesses two sawmills, a coal field equipped with production lines to pack charcoal in paper bags of 3 and 5 kg and big bags of 100 kg, 2 transportation areas to serve the production, a logging site and 2 warehouses for primary processing of timber and its shipment.

Production facilities allow to produce finished timber products per year:

  • timber – 25 000 m³
  • birch pulpwood- 10 000 m³
  • coniferous pulpwood – 8 000 m³
  • raw plywood (veneer logs) – 28 000 m³
  • firewood – 20 000 m³
  • charcoal birch – 1.8 tons.

Meridian employs 450 people for its timber production.


We are in the town of Verhnaya Tura of Sverdlovsk region visiting the company  “Meridian”. A cutting brigade  handles bucking manually. According to the director of the company, manual harvesting gives better quality wood. We are at a slasher setup. The cable is hanging on the hawser.

Alexey Tarasov: I see a handle on the saw. Did you attach it yourself? Is it more comfortable this way?

Employee: We always had this handle on the saw.

Alexey Tarasov: Why you do not use gas-powered chainsaws?

Employee: It consumes a lot of gas. It’s a problem to refuel it constantly. Ha-ha-ha.

Alexey Tarasov: I understand. And if you compare the power of the saw with a Stihl chainsaw, for example? Did you choose Victar saw only because of the gas or because it takes a powerful saw for your production facilities?

Employee: This saw is much more powerful.

Alexey Tarasov: Good. I see you cut from the bottom to the top and not from the top to the bottom?

Employee: We cut both ways.

Alexey Tarasov: No difference and even more maneuverable. You are now more flexible with a cable hanging on the hawser. How long have you been sawing?

Employee: More than 10 years.

Alexey Tarasov: And only with Victar professional electric saw?

Employee: Yeah!

Alexey Tarasov: Have you ever tried to saw with a gas-powered chainsaw?

Employee: There is no sense to try it.

Alexey Tarasov: Because of the need to refill it with gas?

Employee: There are other reasons as well.

Alexey Tarasov: You perfectly harvest so much wood with just one Victar saw.

Professor of the Ural Forestry University strongly recommends Victar electrical saw

Victar was exhibiting at LESPROM-URAL Professional” the International specialized exhibition of machines, equipment and technologies for the forestry and wood working industry held in September 2016 in Ekaterinburg.

Right in the booth visitors had a chance to try the 70 cm (28″) chain pitch .404 Victar saw in operation. Here is an interview of Asgat Gazizov, professor at the department of innovative technologies and equipment of the Ural Forestry University by Alexey Tarasov, the financial director of Victar. Asgat Gazizov’s scientific interest is “Improvement of wood rotary debarking technology by optimizing the main parameters of the process”.


Alexey Tarasov: How do you like Victar electric saw?

Asgat Gazizov: 3 kW. I would like to buy it for myself, but it is expensive.

Alexey Tarasov: Could you introduce yourself, please?

Asgat Gazizov: I am Asgat Mazkhatovich Gazizov, professor at the department of innovative technologies and equipment of the Ural Forestry University PhD in technical sciences.

Alexey Tarasov: Would you recommend the saw to lumber industry companies?

Asgat Gazizov: Sure! Sure! This is a unique saw. It proved its quality. I have been familiar with this saw from the very beginning of its production.

Alexey Tarasov: Do you remember the year the saw appeared in the market?

Asgat Gazizov: 1971?

Alexey Tarasov: This model has been in production since 1970. Some modifications have been implemented to the design since then.

Asgat Gazizov: Great! The construction of the specialized frequency converter is impressive. At that time, it was an electric power plant that needed to be transported to the sawmills. Now it is a portable device. The saw can be operated in the cutting areas as well. No gas and petrol. An ecologically clean product. The saw was operated without any noise and no need to use ear protectors. It is a great product! It is very much in demand.

Alexey Tarasov: Thank you!

Exhibiting at the 10th SMEs partnership in St.Petersburg, Victar expands the market and widens the application of its products

Exhibiting at the 10th SMEs partnership in St.Petersburg Victar expands the market and widens the application of its products

Victar presented its innovative products at the 10th SMEs partnership in St.Petersburg as a member of the Udmurt Republic delegation.

Continuing to build a network of distributors, Victar made an agreement with a distributor “Technological center “Tool” for distribution of Victar professional electric saws in the northwestern region of Russia.

Victar made an agreement with a research enterprise in the field of defense to test Victar high-speed electric motors for use in the marine navigation equipment for military and civil ships. This equipment will be installed on all ships of the Russian Navy and Victar expects a large order placement on an ongoing basis. Victar is replacing a supplier from Ukraine through the Import substitution program run by the Russian Federal Government.

At the exhibition, due to the uniqueness and simplicity of its manufactured high-speed electric motors, Victar received a number of proposals to participate in testing equipment in the innovative industries.

Right after the exhibition engineering company SPBEK  will work closely with Victar to design a prototype of upgraded engine. SPBEK specializes in industrial automation, energy-saving technology, heating engineering as well as construction of small and large industrial facilities.

Victar is at the forefront of industrial innovation. With us companies greatly improve the technical characteristics of their products.