Choose a size of a motor depending on the task

Chainsaws are made of two main parts: a power head (motor or engine) and the cutting system (chain and guide bar). You can get confused because power heads come in a variety of sizes and bars come in a variety of lengths.

To make it easier, manufacturers usually matches the guide bar length to the power head. It seems they will often match a power head with the longest bar it is capable of using, perhaps to maximize the saw’s usefulness. But what you really should be considering, the both size of the motor and the guide bar, is the size wood you will be cutting most commonly. Although a larger saw will cut smaller wood, you’ll be doing so at the expense of energy and safety.

The saw you can easily heft in the morning is going to become very heavy, and more difficult for you to control, by the end of the day. The work will go better, and you will be safer, if you match the size of the engine and bar to the work you will be doing, and do not worry about extra capacity for bigger tasks that rarely, if ever, are necessary.

Do not let bar lenght alone be the determining factor in selecting a chainsaw. Let’s start with the engine. It would naturally follow that the bigger the saw’s engine, the more power it will have, and the quicker it will cut. However the larger the saw, the heavier, more cumbersome and tiring it will be to use. For this reason it is important to choose a saw that will fit both the user and the job being done. The chart below includes a variety of tasks and the recommnded engine size.

All these arguments are relevant only for gas-powered chainsaws because the operator has to hold the weight of the saw in his hands. Based on the optimal match of the weight of the chainsaw, the engine power and the length of the bar, the ultimate performance of the chainsaw will be varied over the period of a day. Concerning Victar chainsaws, they are available in the market with only the following options: the 3 kW engine and the bar length of either 50 cm or 70 cm. They are already configured for optimal performance and do not require complex choices. Because the weight of the Victar chainsaw does not reduce its performance but enhances it, its weight helps to increase productivity.


Task Recommended engine size
Trimming/removing a hedge 30 cc /small electric
Prunning trees 30 cc /small electric
Limbing 30cc /mid-size electric
Small tree felling 30 – 40cc /mid to large electric
Light firewood cutting

(under 10” diameter)

35 – 45cc /large electric
Moderate size tree felling 45cc+ /large or pro electric
Medium firewood cutting

(10” to 16” diameter)

40 – 50cc/pro electric
Large log cutting

(16” to 24” diameter)