Victar is located in the picturesque city of Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic of Russia. It is an industrial city where the world widely known constructor Michael Kalashnikov lived and worked.

Our history began in the middle of the 1990’s when we supplied large quantities of electric chainsaws to the enterprises of the timber industry of Russia. In 1998, we produced the first electric chainsaw “Victar”. Further tests of these saws by the enterprises of the timber industry showed that the quality of our assembly surpassed that of the saws produced until 1993.

Since 1998, we have produced more than 6,000 Victar electric chainsaws. We have launched our own production of almost all chainsaw parts. Therefore we have covered the demand of the enterprises of the timber industry and other industries in 34 Russian regions as well as in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

We have been constantly improving and updating the Victar electric chainsaw up to now. More advanced materials and technologies are invented and used.

Our company constantly participates in international expos abroad (Chech Republic, Austria, China) and in Russia (Khabarovsk, Saint Petersburg, Izhevsk and others), in seminars, trainings on management, marketing and international trade.

In 2013, we were awarded the first Udmurt prize in entrepreneurship “Best 100 Companies of 2013”.

Our mission includes the study and application of the best forest management practices in the world. We also contribute to increasing the productivity of veneer and plywood production facilities. Our electric chainsaws are non-polluting, ergonomic and environmentally safe.