Victar is built to last a lifetime. It can operate 24 hours at a temperature of 50 degrees below zero under severe conditions.

I had been working with these chainsaws from 1982 to 2010. They were called simply EPCH-3 (ЭПЧ-3) then. I know that now they produce more advanced version with a gear. We had a rotor with a gear-wheel together, teeth were straight.

The saws are almost wear-free if you take care of them. We used them all week on three-shift basis, the only off day was Sunday.

There was around 50 degrees of frost in the winter, before working we brought a cross-cutter in a building, warmed, and then he cut timber very quickly (if you leave the saw in the frost, machine oil becomes like modeling clay; at those time we didn’t have the oil for such temperatures). I think that the saw’s motor has a high quality and, as it mentioned before, it is necessary to care for bearings and an impeller of airflow. If an operator knows his stuff, he will send the saw to repairs when he notices some faults like abnormal noise and motor heating. Bad operators sent it to repairs when it was useless: the motor was burnt, the bearings got stuck, the impeller was broken and workless.

As for a gear, we had it with the straight teeth. We had the oil and the gear effectively worked. We had converters then, an engine generator, I don’t remember its brand, I didn’t work with frequency converter (PSFC – 400) . Sometimes I had to work as a cross-cutter (for example, when the employee got cold or was drunk; or electrician was needed). The saw was very easy-to-use. I think that producers still didn’t invented something instead.

The motor works under severe conditions and I think it is also irreplaceable. Now I have another profession. Three years ago we needed to find the saw on the Internet and I found the web-site of Alexey, we bought the saws and spare parts.

The motor is picked up to the saw by all characteristics. And a saw with a brush electric motor is pale in comparison with the Victar saw. We exploited it under such severe conditions which would be unbearable for another saw working 24 hours.

If the chain is filed and a tire is good, the saw cuts timber by itself, you only have time to get it.

Alexey, thank you for supporting the production of the saws, they don’t have analogues. People cut timber for fire wood chips production for a boiler-house here. We have made an order Stimul LLC (Irkutsk city).

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