Operators of Victar saw sharing their best practices

Operators advice on maximizing the efficiency of the use of Victar saw


Here we collected  advice on how to maximize the known efficiency of the Victar professional electric saw. Every advice comes from an experienced operator of the saw.

  • Government organization “Bayersky forestry”

The company is one of the oldest timber companies of the Chunsky area of the Irkutsk region in Russia. Forestry, woodworking, reforestation of taiga lands and protection of forests from fire hazards are the primary activities of “Bayersky forestry”.

“Buyer’s forestry” uses 1 Victar professional electric saw and 3 portable specialized frequency converters (PSFC – 400) at the heat-only boiler station generating thermal energy in the form of hot water for use in district heating applications; and 4 Victar professional electric saws and 1 portable specialized frequency  converters (PSFC – 400) for bucking and trimming while loading train wagons.

1 ADVICE: Use Victar saw right on the train wagons in order not to go down and fill in a gas-powered chainsaw with gas.


  • Private company “Invest forest”

“Invest forest” is a plywood mill producing 5 000 m3 of wood a day. The company is situated in Yoshkar-Ola city of Mari El Republic, Russia. Operators work in 2 shifts of 11 hours each. Total quantity of hours of operation is 22 hours a day.

The company is using 1 Victar professional electric saw while another Victar saw is in stock. 1 gas powered chainsaw Stihl MS361 is used for the ambient temperatures of maximum – 25 °C.

2 ADVICE: Regularly clean Victar saw with an air-compressor. When working at low temperatures of minus 30-35 °C, add some diesel oil to the lubricating oil. This allows to keep the oil liquid and to lubricate the gearbox and the chain. When working at high temperatures of +30-40 °C, take a 30 minute break every 2 hours. At night put the bar in the lubricating oil.


  • Public company “Borovichsky refractory plant”

One of the biggest refractory plants “Borovichsky refractory plant” operates in the Novgorod region. Victar professional electric saw is used there to produce wooden pallets.

3 ADVICE: Use Victar saw in closed premises for a smooth production process.


  • Public company “Karbonika”

“Karbonika” produces different kind of chemicals in the Perm region of Russia. At “Karbonika”, operators buckle wood on the lots situated very far from the city. A considerable distance between the production facility and logging lot complicates a delivery of gas and requires extra book keeping.

4 ADVICE: Use Victar professional electric saw to eliminate book keeping, to reduce expenses on reparation of your chainsaw and purchase of consumables.


  • Government agency “The union of correctional services #26”

“The union of correctional services #26” is engaged in logging. Buckling is taking place in the warehouse (Lumber exchange) by 4 teams working in 2 shifts of 12 hours each.

5 ADVICE: provide a team of operators with 2 Victar professional electric saws as the main cutting tool and with 1 Stihl MS361 for mobile work in remote sites.


  • Private enterprise “Instrumental”

A large dealer of Victar professional electric saw is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. The dealer supplies plywood mills and timber producers with Victar chainsaws.

6 ADVICE: Using a warehouse for buckling you will increase the output of timber. When buckling wood in the forest there is a high risk that the best wood will be stolen and will not reach the warehouse.

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