To cut 8 logs in just 50 seconds is possible only if you use Victar professional electric saw


Victar is proud to announce test results of the 28  inch bar held in the premises of its loyal customer “Sokol” Joint Venture. “Sokol” is a big producer of peat. It is based in the Udmurt Republic of Russia in the Zavyalovsky region.


Thanks to the ultra powerful electric motors of the Victar saw, it is possible to cut 8 logs of a  diameter of 20 to 35 cm in just 50 seconds. On the video you will see that using a Victar professional electric saw fabricated in 1988 (and still working perfectly), it takes the operator of the company in average only 6,3 seconds to cross cut a log.

The professional chain saw Stihl 361 operates with a bar slot (groove) of 1.5 mm. which is slightly less than the slot of the Victar professional electric saw (1.6 mm.) Operators at “Sokol” Joint Venture confirm that for this reason, the bar slot of Stihl 361 is often clogged with mud when used in peateries, while Victar saw safely accomplishes this task.

On the photos and in the video below, you can see the benefits of a highly positioned 40 cm long handle. Such a handle allows the operator to work in a comfortable position with almost no inclination, and also to effortlessly increase the pressure on the bar and chain, which greatly facilitates the work of an operator, saves his strength and increases productivity throughout the shift.

At “Sokol” they have been using the Victar electric saw the whole year round for more than 30 years.  In summer, the saws are indispensable for peat production and in winter, the saws are operating 24 hours in a boiler room to cross cut up to 2 000 cubic meters of wood per winter.



To tremendously boost the productivity of your saw mill, timber or veneer production, switch to Victar professional electric saw. The only professional electric saw in the world available where ever you are.

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